Donations & Bequests

We are very grateful to be generously supported by our local communities.

Community generosity has been the foundation of our hospital since the very beginning. In 1871, Dr. Samuel Reynold's vision to build a hospital to serve the district came to fruition with the support of many local people. Every year people, families, businesses and community groups still choose us to benefit from their generosity, and we warmly thank you.

The high level of care we take such pride in offering would not be possible without the incredible financial support you give.

3 Ways to Give to Mansfield District Hospital

1. Your time. Volunteer with us.

2. Your Voice. Share your unique perspectives to help us learn, improve, and celebrate.

3. Your money: We deeply appreciate your donations and bequests.

How Are Your Donations & Bequests Used?

Your donations go towards items that directly improve our patients and residents' care and overall experience. Some examples of how donations have been used include general and specialist medical equipment, amenities in the wards such as new TVs or comfortable recliners, indoor and outdoor recreation equipment for our older residents, refurbishments to our older heritage buildings, and beautiful additions to our gardens and courtyards.

You are welcome to nominate where you would like your donation to go. As an example, we recently had the family of an aged care resident donate to add to the courtyard gardens.

Our Annual Appeal

Every year we run the MDH Annual Appeal. The Appeal is traditionally launched in November and runs through to 30th June. Each year we choose a department to be the beneficiary of that year's Annual Appeal funds. Alongside required medical equipment we draw on resident and patient feedback to be guided to how their comfort and safety could be enhanced with new items or refurbishments.


How to Donate

You can donate in person or online.

  • If you would like to donate in person, please visit our hospital and see our reception staff.
  • If you’d like to donate online, please click on the PayPal button below for secure online donation processing. Through this site you can donate using your PayPal account, debit or credit card.

Dedication Message

PayPal allows you to leave a dedication message. You may be donating in memory of a loved one, wish to dedicate your donation to a ward, team or service, or nominate how you would prefer your donation to be spent.

All donations above $2 are tax deductible.

The Mansfield District Hospital Board of Directors and staff sincerely thank you for any donation you are able to give.


For many people leaving a bequest in their Will is an opportunity to support us in a greater capacity than they may be able to do during their lifetime. A bequest to MDH can ensure you leave an enduring benefit to the community. Please follow the link below to our Bequests Brochure for information on how to make a bequest to Mansfield District Hospital in your will.

If you would like to discuss making a bequest, please contact the Office of the CEO on 03 5775 8805.

Our Auxiliaries

The Mansfield District Hospital and Bindaree Retirement Centre Auxiliaries are the major fundraising bodies of the organisation.

In recent years the Auxiliaries have purchased much needed medical equipment such as a new ultrasound, telemetry and monitoring equipment.

Each Auxiliary has an executive committee elected at an AGM. Please contact the Hospital reception on 03 5775 8800 If you would like to learn more, or to be put in contact with either committee secretary. They would love to hear from you.

The Harry & Clare Friday Foundation

We are honored to be one of the Mansfield health services that are supported by the Harry and Clare Friday Foundation. Established in 2007, the Harry and Clare Friday Foundation is a Charitable Trust committed to the growth and future development of the health services in the Mansfield district.

Donating and bequeathing to the Harry and Clare Friday Foundation is another way to support our hospital and our work.

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