At MDH we offer our patients personalised surgical care. The care you receive is a highly coordinated effort involving our theatre nurses, recovery nurses, visiting surgeons and local GP anaesthetists.

We work closely as a team to ensure you understand everything you need to know before your procedure, care for you after theatre, and send you home well prepared for a smooth recovery. What matters to you matters to us.

Areas of Care

We offer elective surgery procedures. We don’t do unplanned emergency surgery except for emergency caesarean births.

If you need emergency surgery we will arrange your transfer to an emergency equipped hospital, often Northeast Health in Wangaratta or Melbourne.

Procedures we offer include:
  • General surgery such as hernia repairs, varicose veins and removal of complex lesions.
  • Endoscopies including gastroscopy, colonoscopy, laparoscopy, hysteroscopy, colposcopy and arthroscopies
  • Gynecological surgery such as hysterectomy, vaginal repairs and tubal ligation.
  • Orthopaedic surgery such as carpal tunnel surgery and trigger finger.

Having Surgery with Us

If you are scheduled for surgery with one of our visiting surgeons (see below) you have the option to have your procedure at MDH. Please discuss with your surgeon. We welcome patients from neighbouring towns who chose us for their surgery because of our excellent reputation, personalised care and often shorter wait times.

  • Before Surgery

    Before your surgery date, you should have had a consultation with one of our local GP anaesthetist (see below). If you do not have a scheduled GP anaesthetist appointment a week before your surgery date, please promptly contact us on the number below.

    It’s crucial that you read and follow all information provided by your surgeon, GP Anaesthetist and by us. These instructions will cover essential information about what you must do before your surgery such as necessary tests and fasting (having no food or drinks), medication management, what to wear and what to bring.

    Your surgery may be cancelled or postponed if you have not followed these instructions.

  • On the Day

    Please bring only essential items with you, such as your surgery paperwork, phone, ID, headphones, and something to read. Please don’t bring jewellery, other valuables, large amounts of cash, large bags, or alcohol or drugs that have not been prescribed for you.


    When you arrive at the MDH Reception a member of our nursing team will greet you and bring you to our Anaesthetic Care Unit. We understand that surgery can be stressful, so please let our nurses know if you are feeling at all worried.

    Pre-theatre Preparations

    In the Anaesthetic Care Unit, you will securely store your belongings, and our team will guide you through your pre-theatre preparations. Once everything is ready, your care will be handed over to the Theatre Team, which includes your Surgeon, GP Anaesthetist, Anaesthetic Nurse and Theatre Nurses. They will be with you throughout your procedure.

    After Your Procedure

    After your procedure, you’ll return to our Anaesthetic Care Unit where the Recovery Nurse will carefully monitor your condition and keep you comfortable until you are alert and feeling well. Your Surgeon will meet you to discuss your procedure and follow-up care. You’ll likely meet our dedicated Theatre Patient Comfort Volunteer who complements our clinical care by keeping you warm and comfortable, bringing you a light meal and refreshments, and guiding you to the reception area when you’re ready to go home. If you are staying in hospital, you will be transferred from the Care Unit to our ward.

    You must have a support person meet you at MDH and take you home as we cannot legally discharge you on your own and you cannot drive. Please let us know ahead of your surgery date if you do not have someone who can pick you up and we will work with you to find a solution.

    Support people may spend several hours in Mansfield. Here are some links to places to visit, eat and shop within the town.

  • After Surgery

    Your follow up care instructions will outline what you need to do once you are home, for example, caring for a wound, managing pain, and follow up appointments.

    It’s common to feel tired after surgery, so we recommend sharing this information with a family member or friend to help you remember the details and follow the directions.

Visiting Surgeons

We are privileged to have four visiting surgeons delivering surgical care in Mansfield.

  • Dr Philip G. Macleish

    Consultant Physician & Endoscopist, whose areas of special interest are cardiology, gastroenterology and respiratory. Dr Macleish is based in Wangaratta.

    Learn more

  • Mr Matthew Shears

    General Surgeon & Endoscopist who offers a full range of general surgical procedures with a special interest in minimally invasive surgery. Mr Shears is based in Wangaratta.

    Learn more

  • Dr Scott Pearce

    Obstetrician, Gynaecologist, Laparoscopic Surgeon and IVF Specialist. Dr Pearce is based in Melbourne.

    Learn more

  • Mr. Mark Forbes

    Urologist, treating disorders of the kidney, urinary tract, bladder and urethra and disorders of the male sex organs. Mr Forbes is based in Wangaratta

    Learn more

GP Anaesthetists

GP anaesthetists are GPs with additional training in anaesthetics. Their role is to make sure you are fully fit for surgery, and plan your care before, during and after your procedure. Pain relief is at the centre of their practice.

We are fortunate to work with GP anaesthetists from both of Mansfield’s GP Clinics. They are rostered in advance to the visiting surgeon's theatre lists, which means you will be allocated to the rostered GP anaesthetists when you are placed on your surgeon’s theatre list. The rostered GP anaesthetist’s clinic staff will contact you to make a pre-theatre appointment. If you do not have a scheduled GP anaesthetist appointment a week before your surgery date, please promptly contact us on the number below.


We welcome public patients and people with private health insurance.

You must be under the care of one of our visiting surgeons to have surgery at MDH. See above


We value your compliments, concerns, suggestions and stories. Let us know how we can improve.

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